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A Happy Turkey day to all!

With all the craziness that Thanksgiving brings – we know you need a smile so check out these adorable Thanksgiving cookies from NY-based Eleni’s! Seriously, how cute is the tong and apron cookie in this “Turkey Dinner” set?     And don’t get us started on these “Turkey Cab” ones! Y’all have a wonderful THANKSGIVING and enjoy your time with your families! 🙂    

Skincare 101: Portion Control – How Much of Skincare Products do you Need to Apply?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m putting to little or too much of my favorite skincare products. Well, thanks to Real Simple magazine’s handy SKINCARE PORTION CONTROL GUIDE in their September issue, now you know how  much you should be using: Moisturizer w/SPF: Quarter-size. This amount will cover your face, neck and ears for a day. Go straight from fingertips to face otherwise you’ll wind up with a too-thin, underprotective layer. Exfoliating... 

How to Make your Makeup & Hair Last All Day

Don’t you hate it when friends or co-workers neglect to tell you that your eyeliner is running or your cheeks are super oily? By mid-afternoon, its definitely time to re-apply your hair & makeup and thanks to Real Simple‘s guide to MAKING HAIR & MAKEUP LAST, there’s no need to rely on anyone anymore! FOUNDATION: Try to use oil-free foundation is the best since they don’t contain ingredients like emollient that makes... 

Makeup 101: How to Apply Makeup in the Right Order

A few months ago we ran a story on HOW TO PUT ON SKINCARE PRODUCTS IN ORDER. This time, we’d like to share HOW TO PUT ON MAKEUP IN ORDER, thanks to the folks at Latina magazine! Moisturizer – Always use one with minimum SPF30 Primer – Stops foundation from mixing with your moisturizer or soaking into the skin Foundation Concealer Blush/Bronzer – Must apply in the beginning since these tend to fade fast Powder – If any... 

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