Bird Poo Facials – The Latest Japanese Skincare Trend

A lead-based white face powder was fashionable among the elite during Japan’s Edo period in the 1600’s, introduced by celebrity geisha, courtesans and Kabuki actors. Unfortunately, the high lead level in their white makeup caused serious damage, sometimes leading to death. As a remedy, women used a mask containing nightingale droppings that had enzymes said to break down dead skin cells.

Now there’s a modernized version in which bird excrement is sanitized under ultraviolet light, then mixed with rice bran, an exfoliant and brightener. Because the poop contains guanine, a nucleobase, it supposedly shines the skin as well.

The Shizuka New York Day Spa now offers the “Geisha Facial” whose main ingredient is this bird poo. For this hour-ong facial costing $180, the poop powder is prepared and flown in from Japan. The powder is applied all over the face and then completed with a hydrating camelia oil facial massage and a refreshing anti-oxidant Green Tea Collagen Mask.

Apparently, the after effects leaves a pearly luster to the skin based on the natural enzymes of the bird guano.

When it comes to fighting aging, many of us will try anything!

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