SKN Bar – the 1st Botox Bar!

LA has always been about convenience thanks to Blushington‘s makeup application stores, Dry Bar‘s hair blowout stores, and now comes the FIRST BOTOX STORE.

Dr. Vicki Rapaport has just opened SKN Bar, the first-ever walk-in botox bar for super convenient, in-and-out injections. Located in Beverly Hills, walk-in Botox injections cost $12/unit.

“We needed to offer Botox, the gold standard in wrinkle relaxation, at a lower price and super-convenient way to our on-the-go, savvy patients. I needed to get it out of my medical office in Beverly Hills and make the parking convenient, the price attractive, and the ambiance like the chicest place you have ever set foot in,” Dr. Rapaport summarized.

While this is totally convenient, Botox  is a powerful medication with risks and side effects, so we strongly recommend DOING YOUR RESEARCH first before heading to SKN Bar. Educate yourself on the procedure, risks, side effects, and the qualifications of the people injecting your Botox.

SKN Bar is located at 436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 306 in Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

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