Earth Day: Re-use Beauty Products

 Earth Day is this coming Sunday and we LOVE the practical advice from on useful ways to re-use your beauty products!


1. EMPTY MAKEUP PALETTES: Instead of throwing away empty makeup containers i.e. eyeshadow palettes, blush compacts, etc., hold onto them since they’re perfect containers for storing broken chunks of blush, powder foundations, bronzers,  eyeshadows, and lipsticks. It’s also perfect for traveling since you can just fill it up with pieces of all your favorite makeup, which will reduce all your makeup clutter!

2. EMPTY CONTACT LENS CASES: These are great to use as storage when traveling since it can hold small objects like false eyelashes, vitamins, earrings, etc. You can also use it to store leftover pieces of makeup like lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, etc.

3. OLD TOOTHBRUSHES/BODY SPONGES/LOOFAHS: Before you throw away your old toothbrushes, body sponge or loofah, use it as a cleaning tool around the house! The rough texture is great for scrubbing kitchen counters or microwave or oven interiors.

4. OLD PERFUME BOTTLES: If you have leftover or expired perfume (the shelf-life of most fragrances is around a year), leave them with their caps off in the bathroom and TA-DA, instant room deodorizers!

5. EMPTY DEODORANT: If you’re finished with your roller-ball deodorant, clean it and refill with olive oil for a simple, muscle massager!

6. SMALL EYESHADOW OR BLUSH BRUSHES: Since it’s always better to use actual makeup brushes for applying eyeshadow and blush, there is no need to use those teeny tiny sponge ones that comes with your eyeshadow and blush. These small brushes are great for arts & crafts projects which requires the application of glue, glitter, sequins or other small objects.

Please think about these useful ways to re-use your beauty/skincare items not just on Earth Day but for every day!


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