New Year’s Resolution – Exfoliate!

Now that we’re back from the Holidays – it’s time for skincare resolutions!

We’ve spoken about the importance of exfoliation in the past and it’s time for you to figure out which type you are: 1) Scared and never tried or you’re a 2) Face-scrubbing, exfoliating demon.

Here are a few things you should know BEFORE exfoliating:

exfoliating 101

  • Exfoliating is NOT cleansing: Exfoliating scrubs are not a replacement for a cleanser. While they remove some oil and slough off dead skin, most formulas are not designed to remove makeup and grime, so do NOT use an exfoliator as your daily cleaner!
  • Chemical or Mechanical: There are 2 types of exfoliators – chemical and mechanical. exfoliators loosen the connectors between the skin cells to allow them to wash off easily. These usually include acids such as alpha hydroxyl, beta-hydroxyl, and salicylic, or sometimes fruit enzymes such as citric acid. Mechanical exfoliators manually remove dead skin cells with an abrasive substance such as shells, salt, or sugar.
  • Know your skin: If you have sensitive or dry skin, stay away from exfoliators that contain apricot pits and walnut shells since they’re too rough on your face and should only be used on rough areas of the body like your elbow and knees.
  • Don’t OVEREXFOLIATE:  If your face hurts, stop exfoliating. If your skin has changed texture dramatically – for example gone from oily to very oily or normal to dry – stop using the product.
  • Moisturizer & Sunscreen: Over-exfoliation can also cause severe dryness and irritation because your skin doesn’t have the time to restore it’s natural oil balance. So after exfoliating, always moisturize afterwards and don’t forget to wear sunscreen during the day since exfoliation can increase sun sensitivity by 45%.

Now go forth and fulfill your resolution to exfoliate! Your face will thank you!


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