How to Make your Makeup & Hair Last All Day

how to make eye makeup last longerDon’t you hate it when friends or co-workers neglect to tell you that your eyeliner is running or your cheeks are super oily?

By mid-afternoon, its definitely time to re-apply your hair & makeup and thanks to Real Simple‘s guide to MAKING HAIR & MAKEUP LAST, there’s no need to rely on anyone anymore!


  • Try to use oil-free foundation is the best since they don’t contain ingredients like emollient that makes your makeup slide off your face.
  • To make foundation last longer, give your  moisturizer time to sink in completely before putting on foundation.
  • After putting on your foundation, lock it in with translucent powder so that it can help soak up oil.
  • Use oil-blotting sheets every few hours to soak up any oil.


  • Whether its a gel, liquid, or cream format, blush tends to go on sheer and will eventually fade throughout the day.
  • Try a slightly brighter shade than what you normally use since it will eventually fade into something more subtle yet still noticeable.
  • Sweep blush into an X shape over the apple of each cheek since it will guarantee that the strongest concentration of color is in the perfect place after the rest fades.


  • The same way you need to apply a moisturizer before foundation, you need to use a primer before putting on any eye makeup. Primers help eye shadows adhere to your eyelids and makes it last longer.


  • Liquid and gel liners last longer than pencil.
  • If you still want to use eye pencil, trace over it with a matching eye shadow.


  • Use a waterproof mascara since any kind of moisture whether its humidity, sweat, or tears will make non-waterproof mascara come off.
  • When applying mascara, make sure to apply in quick layers before the mascara dries to prevent clumping and flaking.


  • Outline your lips with a lip pencil in the same color as your lipstick. The pencil will help anchor your lipstick.
  • Use a lipstick brush since it presses the pigment deeper into your lips than your lipstick tube.


  • Spritz on a flexible-hold hairspray onto damp hair so you have a foundation before setting your curls.
  • This will take some time but it’s totally worth it! Use large Velcro rollers before drying until no moisture is left.
  • Unravel the rollers and use a curling iron to retwist the curls. This should last for days!

Now that you know how to make your makeup last longer, learn how to APPLY MAKEUP IN THE RIGHT ORDER!

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