A Guide to Reading Beauty Product Labels: What Works & What Doesn’t

red cream jarLadies, have you ever gone shopping for new makeup or skincare products and realized you had no idea what any of the ingredients on the product label mean?

Reading and understanding product labels  is important to your health and well-being so here’s a handy guide (thanks Real Simple magazine) to READING BEAUTY-PRODUCT LABEL TERMS:

Clinically Proven – The product had some kind of testing done in a clinical setting like a lab. You need to o your own research to form your own results.

Dermatologist-Tested – Means the product has been tested by a dermatologist but doesn’t necessarily mean its been approved and endorsed by them. Again, you’re better off doing your own research then solely relying on this label.

Hypoallergenic –  Has a low chance of causing allergies.

Noncomedogenic – Doesn’t contain ingredients that clog pores or cause acne.

Brightening –Product contains temporary skin brighteners like mica, or have ingredients that help even out skin tones. Don’t mistake this for “lightening” since only products that have the chemical hydroquinone  can lighten dark spots on your skin.

Firming – Contains ingredients that help “plump” up skin for a fuller look.

Lifting – Helps repair sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Be warned that the results will be subtle since only plastic surgery can truly “lift” your skin.

Fragrance Free – Product contains no noticeable smell, no added artificial or chemical fragrances which is great for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Oil Free – Doesn’t contain mineral or plant oil or lanolin which can irritate acne-prone skin.

Broad Spectrum – Often found on sunscreen labels, it means that the product protects against both ultraviolet A and B rays which is the best protection available. Please note that no matter what the label says, no sunscreen blocks out ALL the harmful rays.

Long Wearing – Refers to the product’s staying power. This is NOT the same as “waterproof”.

The key to being a good shopper (especially when it comes to makeup & skincare) and maintaining your beautiful skin is to be INFORMED AND EDUCATED.

We here at Marie Louise Cosmetics, stand behind our products. Marie Louise skin care products are developed to contain only the safest, most essential ingredients, stringently selected for healthy skin.Our patented Deep Sea Concentrate are all safe and effective for all skin types. That’s why we’ve chosen to be completely transparent on all our product ingredients as seen on our site.

So go out and be good to your skin! 🙂

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