FREE full-size MLC Cleansing Clear Gel with ANY purchase!

Even though its almost the end of Summer, our Marie Louise Cosmetics Summer Cleansing Sale isn’t over yet!

Get a FREE, full-size Cleansing Clear Gel worth $57 with ANY MLC purchase!

The MLC dual-purpose makeup remover and facial cleanser is capable of removing even the most stubborn makeup (like waterproof mascara) gently whisking away makeup while taking care of your skin with its special hydrating formula. This softly textured gel easily removes grime as it gently glides over pores to lift away makeup and oxidized oils. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe off after use for a fresher, cleaner feel.

Hurry now while supplies last!

Please note that we’re experiencing technical difficulties and you may not see the CCG in your shopping cart but don’t worry, we promise to include it in your order!

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