Its About Time – FDA Releases Acne Medication Guidelines

OK we no longer blame the FDA on delaying their sunscreen regulations for over 9 months since they’ve apparently been verrrry busy. They recently released final guidelines for over-the-counter topical acne medication and classified benzoyl peroxide as a safe and effective ingredient.

We know, we know…haven’t we all been using acne creams that have benzoyl peroxide since our puberty-miserable years in junior high?!?

In addition to finally getting around to confirming that benzoyl peroxide is indeed safe after all these years, the FDA guidelines also confirms the following:

  • Using benzoyl peroxide makes you more “light sensitive” so its essential to use sunscreen at all times especially AFTER using bp
  • BP shouldn’t be used on already irritated skin or large areas
  • Its totally fine to use BP in addition to antibiotics and Retin-A
  • BP, salicylic acid, and sulfur are all deemed safe active ingredients as long as their concentrations are FDA-approved

So basically all those zit creams we’ve been lathering on our pimple years in junior high were…OK to use.

 Click here to read the full report


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