Another “cool” Japan beauty product – Cooling Sprays!

Now that we’re in the midst of summer, we’re also in the midst of a heat wave. That trickle of sweat running down your back? Ewwww…

Well it looks like the Japanese have once again come up with a brilliant albeit unusual product – this time to battle the intense heat with ICE COLD COOLING FOAM SPRAYS.

The latest Japanese skincare trend? Ice cold cooling sprays!

Japanese male cosmetics brands like Gatsby and Uno have always offered cooling products like body & facial sheets that provide instant temperature cool downs once applied but now they’re come out with cooling sprays which looks like shaving cream.

One product called “Hokkyoku Monogatari” (directly translating to: Tales of the North Pole) releases a chilling foam that hardens and turns blue and can be wrapped around your wrist or your neck (see below).

The nifty "Hokkyoku Monogatari" Cooling Spray

“Ice Spark” is another similar product but instead of a chilling foam that hardens, it becomes a gel that dries up and leaves behind a cooling & scented effect (kind of like a cold deodorant). Click here to watch the video to see how it works.

The "Ice Spark" cooling foam turns into a gel which leaves behind a cold, scented, non-greasy feeling

I know, I  know…you’re scratching your head thinking where & when you can actually use these but how cool is it (pun totally intended) to have these on a hiking trip or when you’re at the pool or the beach?

Instant cooldown!


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