New ways to use Aloe Vera: Ice-cubes and a…Bra?


So you’ve enjoyed the hot rays of the sun hopefully in a safe sunscreen-protected way but now looking down at your pink skin and dreading the pain that’s about to come.

Aloe vera gel is by far the BEST remedy in cooling off your sunburn and now there’s a collection of aloe-infused bras and undies!

Simone Perele, a French lingerie brand founded in 1948, recently launched their Caressence collection of bras, undies, and bodysuits all infused with aloe vera. Micro beads of aloe are incorporated into the lace of the lingerie making it super soft on the skin and more importantly, soothing for the sunburnt parts of your skin. What will the French think of next?

For a quicker (and cheaper) way to soothe your sunburn, check out these handy tips!

  • ALOE-VERA ICE CUBES: Before heading out on a hot day or especially to the beach, fill an empty ice cube tray with aloe vera gel (can be purchased at any drugstore or health food store). You’ll find its much more cooling and moisturizing to the skin rather than applying aloe vera directly after the sun.
  • REFRIGERATED SKINCARE: After returning home and before showering, place whatever liquid skincare item you will use post-shower such as face & body moisturizer/lotion, eye cream, toners, etc. into the fridge. They’ll feel even more cool and refreshing as an Arnold Palmer once you step out of the shower!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and don’t forget to lather on sunscreen!

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