NEW Sunscreen Laws by the FDA (finally!)

Now that its officially Summer, we know you’re stocking up on sunscreen and probably confused when looking at sunscreen brands all promising SPF 90 protection (which by the way doesn’t mean anything).

After a 9-month delay, the FDA has finally announced some new regulations regarding the SUNSCREEN industry that will DEFINITELY affect your future sunscreen purchases:

1. ACCURATE SUNSCREEN LABELS: To protect consumers like us from false advertising, sunscreens must contain proportional broad spectrum protection (meaning equal parts of UVA & UVB protection).

2. NO MORE SUNBLOCK, WATERPROOF, SWEATPROOF: The words “sunblock, waterproof, and sweatproof” will no longer be allowed on sunscreen packaging since it “gives consumers a false sense of protection”. Water or sweatproof sunscreens will now be labeled “water resistant” and must list how much time the consumer can expect to get sun protection while swimming and/or sweating.

3. SUNSCREENS ARE INDEED SAFE: After being questioned about the safety of nanoparticles found in zinc oxide and titanium oxide (major ingredients found in sunscreens), the FDA did its own investigations and concluded that these nanoparticles did NOT penetrate the skin and are indeed safe.

4. NOTHING OVER SPF50: Since there isn’t sufficient data that proves that anything over SPF50 offers greater protection, sunscreen labels will be capped at SPF50.

So readers until then, please click here to read what you SHOULD be looking for when buying sunscreen.

Triple S ladies! SUMMER SKIN SAFETY!

To read more from the FDA,  click here

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