Allure’s “What’s Beautiful To You” Survey

Our favorite beauty bible, Allure, just released their “What’s Beautiful¬† Now” survey in which 2,000 men and women throughout the U.S. were polled about what they found beautiful.

These are some surprising facts:

  • Men found women to be most attractive at age 28
  • 35% of men AND women said that if there was one part of their bodies they’d like to change the most, its their stomach
  • 22% of men (compared to 11% of women) said they want larger butts
  • Both sexes agreed that while they found blondes more confident, they were also voted “most bitchy” while brunettes were found to be intelligent and trustworthy
  • When ranked their Top 5 favorite attributes of the opposite sex, women voted (in order): face, body type, smile, eyes, height. Men said:¬† face, body type, breasts, smile, and butt

Bet you didn’t know that guys wanted bigger butts, did you?

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