MLC Restoration Clear Gel (RCG) How-To Video Guide

Remember when you first used the Biore nose pads and couldn’t stop touching the crusty nose pad with all dead skin cells and hair afterwards? Now now… don’t pretend you weren’t morbidly curious since we did the EXACT same thing.

Well thanks to an MLC fan (you know who you are) who made a how-to video on Marie Louise Cosmetics Restoration Clear Gel (RCG), we now have another reason to say EWWWW but then OOOOHHH at the OMG-IT-ACTUALLY-WORKS results.

Warning: The dead skin cells rolling off her skin are pretty gross but at least you know the exfoliating MLC RCG works!

For more info on the MLC Restoration Clear Gel, click here

(UPDATE) We’re currently sold out of the regular size but try our SPA-SIZED RCG instead since its a bigger size and will last you more than 6 months!


Marie Louise Cosmetic's SPA-SIZED exfoliating Restoration Clear Gel - a must-have in your weekly skincare routine

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