What Kind of a Shopper Are You?

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply doesn’t know where to go shopping.

Maybe it’s just a female thing but I swear there’s nothing more physically and emotionally fulfilling than shopping whether it’s at your local CVS, Target, boutique or mall. Every woman understands the adrenaline rush from purchasing the last pair of size 7 killer stilettos or the excitement of trying on that oh-so-pretty pink lipstick.

But while we can agree that a majority of women enjoy shopping, a new survey from WSL Strategic Retail  reports that not all women are created equal when it comes to their shopping habits. Disregarding the ridiculous names (a guy must have come up with these), there are 5 shopper personalities:

  • SHOP-A-LOT-SUE: Loves to shop but has limited means with a household income of $60,000, Prefers to shop online or at stores like Wal-Mart and has “given up her aspirations for big-name brands and is OK with less”
  • MISERABLE MONA: Also has a household income of $60,000 but “is so jaded by her financial situation that she finds no pleasure in shopping”, Shops at discount stores but not online
  • I’LL PASS PATTY: Views shopping as a necessity and has an income of $90,000, Lives within her means, Shops online to avoid going into stores, Believes that “smart shopping is no shopping”
  • BUBBLE BARBIE: Lives in a bubble and continues to shop within her $72,000 income, Has a high debt
  • CHIC CHIC CHARLOTTE: Has an income of $101,000 and loves to shop, Will buy less than she had in the past due to the recession as a result of ‘retail guilt”

I’m still giggling over the silly personality names (Chic Chic Charlotte? Seriously?!)  but it’s interesting to see that despite the recession, women are still shopping. Oh retail therapy, how I love thee…

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