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Blending Technology with Commitment
Marie Louise skin care products are developed to contain only the safest, most essential ingredients, stringently selected for healthy skin.
Quest Quest Quest
Eternal Pursuit for Efficacy
Using the Latest Technology
Evidence based cosmetics
Only the Best Ingredients
Incorporating the Newest Techniques
Scientifically Validated

We only use ingredients with a proven ability to promote healthy skin. Product formulas include Deep Sea Water, our patented Deep Sea Concentrate, Vitamin C, alpha-arbutin, ceramides, superoxide dismutase (hydrolyzed yeast), hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients stringently selected for safety and effectiveness.

We use the latest formulation technologies designed to deliver essential ingredients with greater speed and efficiency, guaranteeing maximum results for your skin.

Marie Louise Cosmetics only launches products after they've been stringently tested to verify effectiveness and integrity of results.

Merits of Deep Sea Water 
Deep-sea water is the foundation of every Marie Louise product. Unlike other skin care brands featuring deep-sea water, Marie Louise mastered the art of desalination without degrading the effectiveness of deep-sea water minerals.

Here's why deep sea water harvested by Marie Louise Cosmetics is so effective as a skin care ingredient:

  1. The abundant nutrients are free of planktons that may feed on nutritious minerals.
  2. Since few microorganisms and toxins can survive at this depth, harvesting deep-sea water at this depth ensures the highest levels of purity.
  3. Cooler temperatures preserve the nutrients, ensuring the most effective ingredients possible.

Deep-sea Water

Marie Louise skin care achieves the highest levels of effectiveness with the brand’s Patented Deep Sea Concentrate, a proprietary blend packed with deep-sea minerals essential to cellular metabolism, at the same time the water is desalted. The result is a restoration of skin to its natural, translucent state, which is often recognized as a healthy 'glow'.

Pursuit for Effective Ingredients 
The quality and choice of ingredients prove the brand’s commitment to research and deliver uncompromised skin care products. In addition to the Patented Deep Sea Concentrate, Marie Louise formulas include:
  • Patented Deep Sea Concentrate: a Marie Louise patented formula filled with concentration of deep sea minerals to replenish the nutrients you lose as you age.
  • Alpha-Arbutin: proven to be more than 10x more effective than other skin brighteners and makes a significant difference in helping the complexion appear brighter with a smooth and even skin tone.
  • Vitamins A, C and E: Vitamins working together to help skin fight against free radical damages and improve skin's texture, hydration, firmness and smoothness.
  • Ceramides: Essential lipids found in the surface layer of skin to keep skin looking smooth and glowing. However as you age, your skin's natural Ceramides can be compromised leading to loss of moisture, roughness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Replenishing your skin with Ceramides help to keep skin looking young and moisturized.
  • Hydrolyzed Yeast with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD): They work together to help protect skin against oxidation radicals, to improve the appearance of age spots and fine lines.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: An acid that is an intense natural moisturizer that helps to maintain the ideal level of moisture in the skin.
  • Algae Extracts: Rich emollient that provides hydration and antioxidant properties.
Evidence-Based Cosmetics, Scientifically Validated 
Standard emulsified products penetrate into the skin slowly. Marie Louise's double-emulsion and nanotechnology features an ingenious three-layer structure, which allows products to penetrate deeper, remain more stable, and able to deliver an immediately visible result as well as a more substantial result when a product is used over time.


Plus, two of our products—Vital Nanoemulsion α-VC and Crème α-VC—feature Marie Louise nanoemulsion α-VC, a proprietary blend of alpha-arbutin, vitamin A and stabilized vitamin C. Because the ingredients are smaller than a skin cell, it's easier to penetrate the cell membrane and create the desired result.

Stabilized Vitamin

Cell culture tests and other critical evaluation methods are used to clinically verify the Marie Louise products. The products are introduced to the market only after their effectiveness and integrity have been validated.

How it all started 

Hailed as "The Mother of Modern Beauty," Marie Louise created the Marie Louise Crème nearly 100 years ago. At a time when only oil-based or water-based cosmetics existed, Marie Louise introduced the technology of emulsification, to combine both oil and water into one product, astonishing women all over Japan.

1875 Marie Louise is Born

In 1875, military attachè to British Ambassador, Alexander James Aberdein and his Japanese wife gave birth to their first daughter, Marie Louise.

Until her father's death at the age of 10, Marie Louise was raised and educated in the Koji Machi Area of Tokyo in Japan, where the British Embassy has always been located. At the age of 17, the wife of the British Ambassador, Mary Crawford Fraser, invited and brought Marie Louise to France to live with her.

After the death of Marie Crawford Fraser and her husband, Marie Louise dedicated herself to become a cosmetician. In France, she attended beauty schools Maison Port and La Mode, and became such an expert that she was invited to be a prominent guest speaker. At that point in time, Marie Louise specialized and put forth all her passion and energy to focus on becoming a legendary esthetician.

1875 Marie Louise
1912 Marie Louise
1912 Product Shot
1912 Mother of Modern Beauty

During Japan's Shouwa era in 1912, Marie Louise was invited by the Japanese royal family and nobilities to return to Japan to be the Imperial Court's Fashion and Beauty Consultant.

Returning from Paris, Marie Louise she brought the latest fashion trends and beauty techniques known to Europe. She blended her European education with existing trends and resources available in Japan, and as a result, set foundations of today's beauty industry in Japan in fashion, hairstyles, and beauty care.

At a time when only oil-based cosmetics and water-based lotions existed, she earned her title as the Mother of Modern Beauty by being the first to emulsify oil and water to create beauty creams in Japan. This first creation is what became to be known in history as the first Marie Louise Crème, loved by all those in the Imperial Court of Japan.

1913 First Beauty Academy

In 1913, Marie Louise opened the Marie Louise Beauty Training Institute, Japan's first beauty academy in history. The opening of this beauty academy was monumental since it was one of the first institutes that provided Japanese women a venue for education and technical skills, allowing them to be much more independent than they were ever before. Young women poured into the beauty academy and were always reminded of Marie Louise's founding principle, "character comes first, techniques second."

1935 Japan's Official Qualification

The cosmetologist qualification and license examination system was officially established at a national level in Japan in 1935. The very first esthetician to be officially licensed was, naturally, Marie Louise due to her involvement in establishing the system for Japan.

Moreover, in the early 20th century, when the eminent Meiji Kinenkan in Japan was established as Japan's first wedding hall offering comprehensive services, Marie Louise was established to work in the beauty department for the brides. Since that time, the Marie Louise Spa has anchored the spa there to pamper and take care of brides before their big day.

1913 to 1935
1913 to 1935
1953 Achievements of Marie Louise

Marie Louise heralded the cutting-edge cosmetic artistry of Europe during her time, and laid a foundation for the modern world of beauty in Japan. Furthermore, during her time, Marie Louise's esthetic techniques was so extraordinary that France awarded her with the highest honor in admitting her into the Cercle D'art et Technique la Coiffeur de Paris (The Cosmetologist Circle of Art and Technique of Paris).

1956 First Blue Ribbon Award

In 1956, Marie Louise was awarded by the Japanese Government, the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor for her public service - the very first in the cosmetic industry to receive such an honor.

In her lifetime, Marie Louise and her establishments trained many sophisticated estheticians. In 1956, Marie Louise passed away on December 27, at the age of 81.

1998 Beauty Academy in Kyushu

In 1998, a sister school of Marie Louise's original Marie Louise Women's Professional Beauty Academy was opened in Kyushu, the southern area of Japan. This school, Marie Louise Holistic Beauty Academy, has been certified and offers a CIDESCO curriculum. There, Marie Louise’s history and spirit also continues to be passed on through generations of students, and most prominently, her unwavering emphasis on the importance that character comes first, then, techniques second.

2004 Marie Louise Cosmetics

In 2004, the complete new line of Marie Louise Cosmetics was developed and debuted for the first time. Marie Louise Cosmetics were produced to inherit Marie Louise's will of fulfilling every woman's desire to be beautiful, and using the main principles of Trust, Quest, and Innovation. As of today, these products are distributed in high-end spas, retail stores, both of the Marie Louise beauty academies, as well as government-sponsored beauty programs and academies all over Japan, Russia and Korea.

Beauty School


Marie Louise Complete Brochure and other Information Downloads

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